Design and Engineering

It is TDI's sole motivation to create programs that work for our clients as effectively as possible. Our engineers provide calculations and recommendations always keeping the design intent in mind, allowing for maximization of all required items as well as desired aesthetic elements. Whether it is a comprehensive sign program, retail signs, or fabrication drawings, TDI can handle your signage needs.



Surveys and Permits

Site surveys are performed by our staff technicians to provide any additional research information and sign program development. Our experienced personnel gathers, analyzes and produces all information necessary to maximize signage potential at every location.

Code research and the analysis of municipal codes and ordinances as they apply to sign allowances is pertinent to the overall job flow and end product. TDI provides all necessary research and development to secure permits in all jurisdictions.



Project Management and Online Tracking

One hundred percent of project management and manufacturing is performed from our facility in Long Beach, CA. This guarantees consistent specifications and quality management for all products. Dedicated Project managers work on an individual basis with each department in our firm, with local jurisdictions, and directly with clients to ensure jobs are done well, on time and with ease. Online Tracking-Tracking project progress is made easy with online tracking software. Project status is updated constantly to provide an overview of projects as they flow through TDI's organized system. Online access is available at all times.



Fabrication and Installation

TDI's fabrication ethic revolves around a balance of producing the highest quality products available and maintaining client schedules. 99% of all sign manufacturing completed in our facilities is done with aluminum sheet, the premium, most versatile metal used in sign fabrication. Signs and sign installations are engineered to install seamlessly at TDI. By designing projects with installation in mind, we are able to see probable complications in advance and engineer solutions that provide our subcontracted installers with a streamlined experience.

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